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Sustainability is more and more important in business…

Planet needs sustainability

Our planet needs it

The climate crisis is the most urgent challenge facing our planet. Companies and the economy bear a great deal of responsibility.

Customers expect sustainability

Your customers expect it

Research shows that consumers want companies to take responsibility for their impact on the planet & society.

Politicians demand sustainability

Politicians demand it

There are new regulatory requirements, such as the obligation for ESG reporting from 2024.

Employees want sustainability

Employees ask for it

Surveys indicate that potential employees are more likely to take up jobs with sustainable companies.


Take action & switch your company to Ecosia

Climate protection with Ecosia saves your company time, money and stress!

Simply start searching with Ecosia at your workplace and we start planting trees at zero cost for you. The positive impact on the planet is scaled by the number of employees and search queries. 

The world's most planet-friendly way to search: 100% of our profits from advertising go towards climate action.

Become climate active every day

Your positive impact

Be climate active

Be climate active

Directly contribute to planting trees which help mitigate climate change, reverse deforestation and nurture biodiversity.

Measure your impact

Measure your impact

We’ll provide a monthly tree report to companies with 1,000+ employees showing the estimated number of trees resulting from their search queries.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing & branding

Enhance your company’s reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers, partners and employees by sharing your positive impact.

ESG messaging with Ecosia

ESG messaging

Switch to Ecosia and easily support your company's sustainability goals. Include Ecosia in your ESG reporting and take every action needed to support the climate.

Employee engagement with Ecosia

Employee engagement

Foster a sense of purpose and environmental awareness among employees and create a modern & attractive workplace.

Privacy and data security

Privacy & data security

Fair & compliant business: Ecosia is a European privacy-friendly search engine and does not process sensitive personal or company data.

Case Studies

See how other businesses have championed Ecosia at their offices
Case study eon and Ecosia


Trees planted (in 10 months)

Taking climate action by switching to Ecosia was a no brainer for E.ON. Planting trees while searching online was something everyone could get behind.

Case study talktalk and Ecosia


Trees planted (in 9 months)

TalkTalk uses Ecosia to engage employees in their sustainability goals and effortlessly plant trees in biodiversity hotspots.


Planted trees in total

M €

Dedicated to climate action by Ecosia




Planted trees by companies in 2023

Become a ChangeMaker today

It's so easy to switch

Contact Ecosia Phone

1. Contact us

Simply fill out the contact form below. We will get back to you and support you throughout the process.

IT check from Ecosia

2. IT check

The IT implementation for large companies is smooth and easy. We attach particular importance to data security and privacy.

Quick pilot with Ecosia

3. Quick pilot

You don’t need to switch company-wide overnight. IT can define a small pilot group, department or region to begin with.

Organization impact reporting

4. Reporting

If your company has more than 1,000 employees: Start Tracking your organization's impact and see how your searches help plant trees.


For companies with 1,000+ employees

Measure your impact with our tree report

  • Measure your organization‘s collective impact each month (number of searches / tress planted)
  • Motivate your team, share achievements with external stakeholders
  • Documentation in ESG reportings
  • Share real impact on social media
  • Sign up to our newsletter & get to know the projects you support

Our promise

Name=People & Planet over Profit

100% profits for the planet

We invest 100% of our profits into climate action. Our business model means that our shares cannot be sold.


We protect your privacy

We care about trees, not what you’re searching for. We only collect data that is necessary to provide you with search results. 

Taxes and Transparency Trust

Taxes & transparency

We are the largest European search engine. We pay our taxes and publish monthly financial reports.


Renewable energy

Our solar systems produce enough clean energy to power all searches twice over. Each search crowds out dirty energy from the grid.

Alex from Telekom 1 resized

What people are saying

“Switching to Ecosia was a journey for us, but one that we believe makes a difference. At Deutsche Telekom, we are proud to protect both the environment and our data.”


Alex Ziemer
ChangeMaker at Telekom

Kerry Clatterbridge v3

What people are saying

"Making the switch to Ecosia as our default search engine was a free, easy and immediate way for us to make a difference towards protecting the planet and reducing the effects of climate change"

Clatterbirdge logo

Kerry Gibbons
Sustainability Programme Manager

Bender_Noemi_DSC0034 copy

What people are saying

"Environmental protection is health protection. We are proud that as the largest employer in Heidelberg with almost 15,000 employees, we help to finance around 5,000 newly planted trees every month, thanks to our introduction of Ecosia."


Noemi Bender
Head of Sustainability

Talktalk switch to Ecosia

Companies that have made the switch:

“Using a tool like Ecosia is a simple and effective way to promote sustainability and invest in the planet without even having to think about it.”


Will Ennett CEnv MIEMA
Head of Sustainability and ESG

Eon switch to Ecosia desktop

Companies that have made the switch:

“It’s been a great example of where working together across teams we have been able to validate and scale an idea from colleagues with positive environmental benefits, encouraging people to share more ideas and suggestions."


Philipp Meyer
Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Project Manager

Talktalk switch to Ecosia

Companies that have made the switch:

“In practical terms, implementation was incredibly straightforward to do. It was a small policy change from the corporate application team.”


Kieran Shanahan
ChangeMaker who initiated the switch


"Unconventionally transparent."


"A simple way to do some good."


"The world's largest not-for-profit search engine"


"The search for a greener internet is taking root."


"Ecosia is the rarest of things - a search engine with a conscience."


"Ecosia is a rare bird."


"Like all the best ideas, simple and good."


"Switch your search engine to Ecosia to 'Eco your office!'"

Switch your company to Ecosia

Get in touch and we'll be on hand to support


Still have any questions?

How does switching to Ecosia work for a company?

First, book a demo with our team by completing the contact form above. We’ll explain the next steps including running a pilot and measuring your impact. It’s a simple switch and we can share best practices to find the right approach for your company.

How many searches does it take to plant a tree?

The amount of searches it takes to plant a tree varies depending on when you search, where you search from, and what you search for. We calculate that it can take approximately 50 searches to plant a tree. 

Where will we help plant trees?

Across Ecosia’s diverse portfolio of projects. We’re currently working with over 70 tree-planting partners in more than 35 countries around the world. Primarily focusing on the planet’s biodiversity hotspots and areas facing deforestation.

Because the tree-planting season varies from project to project, keep an eye on our financial reports to see exactly when and where you help plant trees by using Ecosia.

Can we choose where we plant trees?

Planting the right trees in the right place is a complex task, but we're the experts with more than 13+ years experience. By using Ecosia you are supporting our portfolio of projects, rather than just a certain project in a defined place. This means you can have an even greater impact on global reforestation, without the risk, or the stress.

With that said, if you are a large organization searching with us, let’s talk!

Do we plant trees if we don’t click on ads?

Like other search engines, we make money when people click on the ads shown in our search results. We earn a few cents from advertisers for every ad click and dedicate 100% of our profits towards climate action. 

Don’t be concerned if you rarely click on ads, simply by using Ecosia your business will help increase the size of our user base which makes us more attractive to advertisers in the long-run!

How does Ecosia compare to other search engines?

Ecosia is the largest not-for-profit search engine and the largest search engine to originate from Europe. We provide industry standard search results together with our partners Google and Bing, while paying our fair share of taxes.

How easy is it to implement?

Super easy, IT can use existing tools to deploy Ecosia in a browser such as Edge or Chrome. No browser extensions need to be installed. All that it takes to start planting trees today is a small policy change.

What can we expect?

You’ll have an account manager from Ecosia to support you during your pilot and to ensure your Ecosia project is a success. We’re on hand to help measure your impact with us and keep employees informed and engaged. 

Can we offset our emissions by using Ecosia?

No, Ecosia does not offer a carbon offsetting service. But using Ecosia you can contribute to planting trees across the planet’s biodiversity hotspots and beyond! We'll provide you with a report showing your estimated impact and you can follow the progress of our projects with regular updates. 

What if our company has fewer than 1,000 employees?

We unfortunately can’t yet measure the impact of companies under 1,000 employees, but you can still share Ecosia with your colleagues and make an impact. Please visit our Help Center for more information

Instructions for smaller organizations

Switching to Ecosia at your small or medium-sized business can be done in just a few clicks. Visit our help center for more information.