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TalkTalk x Ecosia

Why Ecosia?

TalkTalk uses Ecosia to engage employees in their sustainability goals and effortlessly plant trees in biodiversity hotspots.



Trees planted

Months after switch

How was Ecosia implemented?

TalkTalk wanted to give employees the choice to change search engines if they wished to. IT administrators used existing Windows group policies to configure Ecosia as the default in Edge and used the ManagedSearchEngines setting to define a list of search engines for employees to choose from.

They ran a small pilot with just a few test users to verify that the set up was functioning smoothly. Ecosia was then rolled out company-wide a few weeks later.

Kieran Shanahan, the TalkTalk employee who led the environmental change: “In practical terms, implementation was incredibly straightforward to do. It was a small policy change from the corporate application team. A few persistent emails were needed and we ensured that any concerns were handled at the necessary levels.”

Case study talktalk and ecosia

“Using a tool like Ecosia is a simple and effective way to promote sustainability and invest in the planet without even having to think about it.

Will Ennett,
Head of Sustainability and ESG at TalkTalk

case study talktalk and ecosia 2

What was the result?

Since setting Ecosia as the default for 2,100 employees in Edge, TalkTalk has helped to finance the planting of an estimated 6,000 trees across a diverse range of projects.

When they switched in January 2023, Ecosia planted trees in India, with Botanic Gardens Conservation International, protecting endangered species such as Drypetes porteri. Just one of many projects that TalkTalk now supports.