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Case Studies

E.ON x Ecosia

Why Ecosia?

Taking climate action by switching to Ecosia was a no brainer for E.ON. Planting trees while searching online was something everyone could get behind.




Trees planted

Months after switch

How was Ecosia implemented?

First, a small group of employees in Germany told the sustainability team about Ecosia. It was then identified as a simple yet effective initiative the company could adopt to have a positive climate impact.

Following this recommendation the IT team verified that Ecosia delivers high-quality search results, is user-friendly, and a safe alternative in terms of data protection and cybersecurity. IT configured Ecosia as a search engine option and created a guide for setting Ecosia as the default search engine. This was promoted along with Ecosia’s environmental benefits via various company channels.

case study eon and ecosia 1

It’s been a great example of validating and scaling an idea from colleagues which has had tangible environmental benefits.

Employees at all levels across the company have shared how they appreciate being made aware of simple steps they can take to help the planet.”

Philipp Meyer,
Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Project Manager

case study eon and ecosia 2

What was the result?

Since making Ecosia available as a default in both Edge and Chrome, E.ON has contributed to the planting of an estimated 116,000 trees throughout the world.

When E.ON published internal comms to entice its employees to switch in January 2022, Ecosia planted trees in Burkina Faso with Hommes et Terre, where the project helps regenerate a desertified landscape back to its former fertility, improving nutrition and empowering the local communities.